Growing a Family-Owned Business by Cultivating Relationships, with Steve Boyd

Jun 27, 2018


Steve Boyd is the founder and CEO of Boyd Civil Engineering based in Orlando, Florida. Steven and his wife, Barbie, founded the firm in 2012. Steve is celebrating his 30th year in the field of civil engineering.

Steve’s reputation for quality service combined with his years of experience has positioned him to work with the most prominent clients in the Orlando market situated in the residential, commercial and resort and hospitality development industries. People like America’s home builder, DR Horton, point of destination golf course communities like Harmony and Reunion, and let’s not forget Disney. In this capacity, Steve and his team are a big part of why tourists flock to the Orlando area because they provide the behind the scenes civil engineering and project management services that make this Orlando beautiful and a great place to have fun and recreate.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Ways that building and maintaining client relationships while working for others can become incredibly helpful as you start your own business
  • The patience Steve and his team had to have after starting their family-owned business, and how they used their skills at networking to establish a client base
  • Why during times of great economic transformation, such as the 2008 recession, five-year strategic plans were made irrelevant as situations change dramatically
  • The importance of resiliency, patience, and having the support of people around you during both good times and bad
  • How Steve was able to launch his family-owned business after conversations with his wife and her strong commitment to join him in this endeavor
  • How to come to peace with setting aside enough time to enjoy the family and personal commitments that bring us balance and quality of life
  • Why we must have confidence and keep our resolve, even during the most difficult times, so that we never lose the trust of our clients
  • How technology has changed the nature of business relationships and the need for younger employees to build networks and in-person contacts
  • The importance of maintaining and expanding face-to-face relationships with clients in the community to maintain a personal touch
  • Why we must learn and do research throughout our business careers, strive to do the best job possible, and build professional relationships that do not feel impersonal

Ways to contact Steve: