Creating Happy and Successful Employees, with David Long

Jul 25, 2018


David Long is a speaker, author, and the Founder and CEO of MyEmployees, a 29 year-old firm in the Top 1% of Employee Engagement Companies.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How David went from moving back in with his parents to running a 10.5 million dollar business
  • The way David uses his own company to test out what he’s going to do with his clients
  • An example of how to recognize your employees in a memorable way
  • The reason 70% of people leave their job
  • A common disconnect between managers’ and employees’ viewpoints on the job
  • How to get managers to stop thinking that money is the most important thing in a job
  • What keeps employees engaged in their company and how to make them look forward to going to work
  • The employee recognition reminder chart (ERC) — what it is and how to use to to help your company
  • How to make sure employee recognition is authentic
  • How the ERC benefits everyone — from employee to CEO
  • Implementing a book club into the culture of your company
  • A story about how something like book club can empower and uplift your employees
  • Why it’s not true that you have to treat millennials differently
  • How book club helps employees be better people, not just better employees
  • Why you can’t be happy at work and miserable at home and vice versa
  • The reason happy employees are more successful
  • How the retail “apocalypse” has made David’s company more successful
  • Strategies David has incorporated into his company to help it adapt
  • How to improve communication and how it will help your business
  • Benefits of paying for employees to go to conferences
  • David’s best advice for handling the complexity of business today
  • How to create an environment where everybody wants to be better
  • Why 47% of your best people are looking to leave

Ways to contact David:

  • David’s Company:
  • Employee Recognition Reminder Chart: Text “err chart” to “31996” — password: “forgetmenot”