Bringing Lessons from Military Service to a Family-Owned Business, with Austin Lasure

Aug 1, 2018


Austin Lasure is the Founder and CEO of Freedom Cleaning Solutions, a veteran-owned and operated cleaning company in central and northern Florida. Austin has a fascinating background in Special ops with two tours in Iraq and nine in Afghanistan. Eventually, that segwayed into private contracting opportunities overseas where he shifted into executive protection of American visiting dignitaries. This level of private protection also included dignitaries such as former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and Senator John McCain.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How the military taught Austin valuable lessons and helped shape and direct his life both personally and professionally
  • How military training has translated to his day-to-day life, especially with regard to communication
  • How taking and perfecting everything one step at a time helped Austin grow himself and his family-owned business
  • Why true leadership means first understanding that everyone has a place in the system and “deserves to … be honored”
  • How thinking like the bad guy or imagining all worse case scenarios helped Austin prepare and equip his family-owned business for the future
  • The importance of seeing things through a systemic lens to be able to move beyond the present and look to the future
  • Why great leaders realize that all the training and education in the world can’t prepare you for all scenarios once you are the CEO, and why thinking outside the box is key
  • The importance of having an organizational process so you can maximize one thing at a time and not jump around
  • How to be prepared and present in what you do both personally and professionally, and why that matters
  • The strategies Austin incorporates to help him keep the big picture in mind while doing the smaller things one at a time

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