Closing the Gap, One Female-Owned Business at a Time, with Judi Awsumb

Aug 15, 2018


Judi Awsumb is the President of Awsumb Enterprises Inc, which was established in 2004 to provide growth strategies to companies experiencing shortfalls in revenue, gross margin, and net profit. Judi worked in corporate America for over 25 years as a high level executive. Her extensive background and track record in leading successful growth and profit goals provided a pathway to becoming an entrepreneur. Judi is all about measurable results. She has worked with Fortune 500 companies like Federal Express and Lockheed Martin, and her more recent clients include companies like Icon, Canon, and Earthlink Technologies.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The role women entrepreneurs play in the small business marketplace
  • Why Exxon’s decision to hire women in the 70’s was such an important step
  • How friendly competition in the workplace can drive team success
  • Why financial planning for startup businesses is less complicated than women often think
  • The number one obstacle for women in business today
  • How the first lesson she learned about money shaped her entire career
  • Why scalability is more like a puzzle than a straight line
  • The role a health crisis played in her passion to help other female entrepreneurs
  • How meditation can change the way you listen to your employees and peers
  • Why a willingness to learn and change matters more than knowledge and skill

Ways to contact Judi: