Sustainable Growth is Evolutionary, Not Revolutionary, with Frank Cottle

Aug 22, 2018


Frank Cottle is the CEO of Alliance Virtual Offices and Chairman of the Alliance Business Centers Network. Frank is a recognized expert on flexible working, the virtual office movement, and what is known as third place working. Prior to creating the Alliance brand, Frank successfully operated his own portfolio business centers in multiple locations across North America.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Frank Cottle inadvertently created the remote workspace movement with a property development project in the 1970’s
  • The role valuation and agility played in the shift from brick and mortar real estate to the virtual brokering of workspace
  • Why being a student of your industry positions you as a leader
  • How evolution, not revolution is the process for growth
  • How a clear vision and philosophy can guide every decision and solution
  • The freedom of private ownership gives you the opportunity to operate the way you want to in response to what your internal customers need
  • Why it’s not enough to be a company and why being an industry activist can promote good for everyone
  • The distinction between “making money” and “earning money”
  • Why the balance of people, place and technology will affect the face of commercial real estate in the next 15 years
  • How video game technology will be what brings the 1.6 billion people working remotely worldwide together in a common culture

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