Founding and Growing a Family-Owned Business With Your Spouse, with Cyndi Shifrel

Oct 10, 2018


Cyndi Shifrel is founder and owner of Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals. Now celebrating their 10th anniversary in the industry, Cyndi and her husband Darrin founded the company with a passion to, “set the standard as a reliable solution in the event rental industry.” They specialize in luxury event rentals and superior customer service, all with the passion to make each of their clients’ events an unforgettable experience.

Cyndi’s company offers a glimpse into yet another level of complexity in business today. For one, she hires contract workers who commit to long hours on weekends and holidays. This requires a very different level of employee engagement then we’ve been talking about in prior episodes. Two, she and her husband have grown this business together, which requires a unique commitment in an industry that is so labor intensive. Additionally, they have managed to set themselves apart in a very innovative way by offering unique product designs that support their passion for a meaningful experience.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why Cyndi left her job as a piano teacher to start her family-owned business, Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals, with her husband Darrin
  • Why teamwork among her staff has been a key to Cyndi’s success and why she believes in showing gratitude to her employees
  • How Cyndi’s faith in God informs her passion for providing the best possible customer service
  • How Cyndi and her husband weather the challenges of being married and running a family-owned business together
  • How Cyndi dealt with the strains caused by the rapid growth of her initially small family-owned business during their busiest season ever
  • How the women-centered Athena Panel has empowered Cyndi to scale her company and address changes caused by rapid growth
  • Why Cyndi’s family-owned business flourished despite the challenge of starting a business during the economic recession of 2008
  • Cyndi’s strategies for improving her hiring process to find the right employees and put them into the right roles
  • Why one of the biggest challenges Cyndi has faced was learning to give up control and delegate responsibility to her employees
  • What advice Cyndi would offer to millennials for managing the complexity and realities of today’s business world

Ways to contact Cyndi: