Laying the Foundation of a Construction Business, with Zachary Barber

Nov 21, 2018


Zachary Barber is President and Founder of Ovida Construction, a full service general contractor that was established by Zach and his partner Chris Schultz roughly five years ago. As general contractors, their emphasis is on preconstruction and value engineering, construction management, and design build, and they cater to residential land developers for amenity and hardscape improvements in new communities. These are the things like the pool areas, clubhouse, site construction, and a lot of the beautiful and wonderful things that people take for granted when moving into a residential setting. The company is rapidly growing.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why Zachary and his partner began their own construction contractor business specializing in commercial amenity construction
  • How Zachary’s relationship with his business partner was founded on trust and a past history of working together
  • How his close relationship with his wife helped support and encourage Zachary to take the leap and start his business
  • Why faith and family are pillars of strength that Zachary relies on to drive his decision-making
  • What steps Zachary takes to instill the proper values in his children with regards to his financial success
  • What vision and business plan Zachary has for his company for its next five years of operations
  • How Zachary views his failures, and what lessons he’s learned from past setbacks and challenges
  • Zachary’s suggestions for other young entrepreneurs who want to gain wisdom and learn from mentors and other role models
  • How Zachary deals with the challenging lack of younger people moving into the labor industry
  • Zachary’s thoughts and advice for new entrepreneurs looking to start their own business

Ways to contact Zachary: