The Transformative Power of Human Connections, with Chris Schembra

Nov 28, 2018


Chris Schembra is a keynote speaker, Broadway Producer, sought-after dinner host, and entrepreneurial advisor whose passion lies in facilitating profound human connection in a deeply disconnected world. Chris is called on regularly by elite entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and award-winning creatives.

In theater Chris serves as Producing Partner at OHenry Productions and formerly as Producer at MNA Productions. The shows he’s been involved with have earned 14 Tony Awards, 7 Emmy’s, and a Grammy. As a marketer, he’s led Emmy Award winning social campaigns with 1,000,000+ participants, garnering 24 million views and enlisting more “shares” than “likes”. His direct work has been talked about in Forbes, The New York Times, Variety Magazine, Fox News Channel, Huffington Post, Bravo TV, Newsmax TV, Thrive Global, “Good Morning NY,” and many more.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What Chris’ “7:47 Club” is, why he created it, and how the experience reshaped Chris’s career and focus
  • Why Chris believes that forming human connections can be a crucial and transformative experience and why he started a business around the idea
  • How Chris turned a simple dinner party into a thriving business helping companies build a community within their organization
  • Why delegated tasks and shared activity for event guests are the cornerstones of Chris’ service
  • Why Chris believes that focus equals growth and why he follows that philosophy to avoid entrepreneurial distractions
  • How Chris and his team work to engage connections between businesses and their clients
  • How Chris has struggled with the emotional challenges of turning his passion into a profitable business
  • What things Chris prioritizes in his life and how he practices self-care to deal with stress and feeling disconnected
  • Why our “weaker” connections to others are sometimes the most emphatic and communicative connections we form

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