Using Brainwaves to Unlock the Mind’s Potential, with Dr. Susan Spicer

Dec 5, 2018


Dr. Susan Spicer’s experience includes a richly varied background in forensic neuropsychology, clinical hypnosis, cognitive behavioral therapy, and research focused on many areas of brain structure and brain functioning. Dr. Spicer has spent decades studying the manner in which brainwave patterns impact our thoughts, feelings, and behavior, and she has extensive experience applying this research in the clinical setting.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why Dr. Spicer decided to enter the field of neuropsychology and how her career path led her to start her own company
  • What the science of forensic neuropsychology is, and how it relates to Dr. Spicer’s work in criminal evaluations
  • How Dr. Spicer records hypnotherapeutic audio files to help others meditate, center themselves and find emotional balance
  • What brainwaves are, and which activities trigger the five patterns (beta, alpha, theta, delta, gamma) in the brain
  • How audio stimulus can trigger brainwaves of each pattern, and why each type of brainwave is best-suited for specific goals
  • How significant emotional trauma can alter the structure of the brain and cause physical symptoms within the body
  • Why it’s critical to take time to process trauma effectively in order to heal and recover from the cause of the trauma
  • How Dr. Spicer balances the many facets of her career with her personal life and her own emotional balance
  • Why forgiveness is an important component of recovery, and how it helps to improve the quality of your life
  • How mindfulness and living in the present are potent tools for processing and recovering from trauma

How to contact Dr. Susan Spicer: