A Faith-Based Approach to Leadership, with Thomas Starnes

Dec 19, 2018


Tom Starnes is CEO of Freedom Transition Partners, a succession planning and business brokerage firm dedicated to helping business owners secure a positive legacy as they step into the next adventure of business and life.

Tom has a vast and impressive background as a C-Suite leader in corporate America to include experience in marketing and technology, He is also a leader in his community and serves as an Elder at Northland Distributed Church. In his extensive career, he is renowned for his ability to offer creative solutions to complex business issues.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Thomas’s religious faith and positions through many industries led him to his current position as CEO of Freedom Transition Partners
  • Which historical leaders have influenced Thomas’s leadership style and why
  • Why Thomas looks to the Bible and his faith for leadership wisdom and business guidance
  • Why Thomas believes that faith and personal accountability go hand-in-hand, and how he uses his faith to shape his interactions with others
  • How Freedom Transition Partners helps businesses transition management and ownership positions smoothly
  • How Thomas copes with the challenges of working in the business world while raising children with special needs
  • How Thomas found a balance between his professional corporate life and his family life with his wife and children
  • Thomas’s plans for speaking at the Central Florida Christian Chamber of Commerce on January 10, 2019

How to contact Thomas Starnes: