The Innovation Catalyst, with Amy Radin

Mar 6, 2019


Amy Radin has been at the forefront of rewiring brands for the future that is upon us. She built a track record of success moving ideas to performance at American Express, Citi, E*TRADE, and AXA. From her experience as a marketing, digital, and innovation executive and advisor, Amy has developed an insight-driven, down-to-earth approach that enables innovation under today’s uncertain, complex, and rapidly changing conditions.

Early on, Amy recognized that her expertise as a data-driven marketer could meet rising demands for large-scale digital transformation. She established one of the first corporate innovation teams, piloting business model breakthroughs, and building capabilities in risk-focused, highly regulated financial services companies. She pioneered 21st-century marketing and digital practices within the insurance sector.

Seeing pervasive and accelerating disruption as opportunity to amplify the impact of her unique experiences, Amy launched a second career, helping leaders at startup to top Fortune brands advance their innovation priorities. Additionally, she serves on the Board of Directors of the AICPA. There, she advises on marketing strategy and implications of technology and workforce disruption for over 675,000 finance and accounting professionals worldwide. She is an active advisor to CEOs at select, leading startups.

A believer in the power of every individual to make a difference, Amy established an annual social impact fellowship at the NYU Stern Graduate School of Business. She enjoys mentoring founders, and volunteers in the selection of Wharton Venture Fund and BAI Global Innovation award recipients. Amy has served on the President’s Council at Wesleyan University, and as Vice Chairman of the Board of Healthcare Chaplaincy Network.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Amy defines an “innovation catalyst” and shares the journey that led her to fulfill that role for top companies
  • What challenges Amy recognizes in the companies she works with, and how she helps overcome those challenges through innovation
  • Why the three Cs, “capabilities, culture, and connections” are vitally important for business innovation
  • How Amy’s book, “The Change Maker’s Playbook”, helps readers understand what conditions allow a company to achieve its goals
  • Why officers in the C-suite should understand their role and be accountable for their company’s innovation agenda
  • How to integrate innovation and dynamic change into your projects and priorities to further your growth
  • Why Amy feels passionately about her role as an innovative catalyst in shaping the futures of major companies
  • How Amy’s strong sense of family, purpose, and work infrastructure empower her to do the work she does
  • How a personal family loss in the tragedy of September 11th forced Amy to take stock and re-prioritize her life
  • What struggles Amy recognizes in leaders today, and why she believes experimentation is important

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