Leadership, Strengths, and Weaknesses, with RJ Nicolosi

Mar 13, 2019


RJ is a visionary leader who is passionate about personal and organizational growth. In his vast career, he has either led or been an integral part of, at least 15 companies advancing into Inc. 5000 status.

RJ is currently the CEO and Founder of Catapult Leadership Labs, Chief Digital Officer at RevLocal and Chairman of the Board at Gimbal. Catapult Leadership Labs is an organization with a focus on helping leaders achieve the next level of success.  RevLocal is a fast growth company bringing digital marketing to SMBs throughout the United States. Gimbal is the leading provider of location data and their mission is to identify data to fuel smart digital advertising. RJ’s purpose in life is equipping and enabling other leaders.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why RJ feels driven to help others lead their organizations to sustainable growth and success
  • What valuable lesson RJ’s mother taught him at a young age about having the passion for your work, no matter what that work is
  • How RJ manages his key role in three different companies and still finds the balance for his life outside his work
  • What work each of RJ’s three companies does, how they differ, and how each speaks to RJ’s values
  • What advice RJ offers for organizations looking for better results in spite of a command-and-control leadership
  • Why RJ prefers to be the #2 leader of an organization in spite of his role as CEO and Chairman, and why the two are compatible
  • Why the greatest adversity RJ has had to face was divorce and bankruptcy in the same year, and how he survived
  • Why it is important to recognize your own weaknesses as a leader, and why your strengths can also become weaknesses
  • What RJ feels are his strengths and weaknesses, and how he integrates that knowledge into his decision-making
  • Why navigating the “seasons of life” can present profound opportunities for growth and personal betterment

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