African Family Business Legacy Planning with Tsitsi Mutendi

Apr 14, 2021

Tsitsi Mutendi is the founder and lead consultant at Nhaka Legacy Planning and is also the co-founder of African Family Firms, a nonprofit African Family Business Association. Additionally, she is an award-winning businesswoman with over 12 years of experience building successful publishing and education companies.  She has coupled her business acumen and passion for family firms with her expertise to include family governance, family communication, and coaching.  Her services include family and business strategic planning, corporate governance, succession planning, business continuity strategies, conflict resolution, and mediation, to name a few. 

Along with this, Tsitsi holds a certificate in family business advisory and family wealth advisory through the Global Family Business Education Network and the FAMILY FIRMS INSTITUTE. She is the host of the weekly podcast, Enterprising Families, which focuses on issues that affect family businesses and the journeys that they encounter as a result of those issues. She has paid it forward by working with the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce, Women’s Desk, and Tag A Life International (TALI), where she has participated in their annual Mentorship programs and has successfully mentored emerging businesswomen in her community.


What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Tsitsi’s entrepreneurial lineage; she is a third-generation business owner. 
  • How the passing of her father led Tsitsi to become a family business consultant. 
  • The influence that ancestors and context have on your future success. 
  • Family businesses stem from wanting to build a legacy. 
  • In the day-to-day of running a business, people can often disconnect from the ‘why.’ 
  • Tsitsi’s father’s business that she had to take over after he passed. 
  • What it was like for Tsitsi, as a woman, stepping in to take over her father’s estate. 
  • The impetus for founding the African Family Business Association. 
  • Why it is important to have a place where you can find consolidated information about family businesses. 
  • What Tsitsi thinks the most difficult part of being a third-generation family business owner is. 
  • Conversations about family business are usually about wealth, but they should be about community. 
  • Tsitsi’s advice for family business owners who do not think about legacy. 
  • How Tsitsi thinks about the legacy she will be leaving her children. 
  • The importance of understanding the value that children bring to a family business. 
  • Why communication is the biggest source of conflict Tsitsi sees with her clients. 
  • What members of the African Family Business Association have to gain. 
  • Why the baobab tree is so significant for Tsitsi.

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