Do You Know Your Leadership DNA?

Jun 18, 2019

If you’re like most leaders I work with, you’re probably the poster child for success. Yes, you’ve spent your entire life studying and implementing the right systems in order to be standing where you are right now.

Congratulations! You’ve done it!

But, as you look to the future and hear all the rumblings about a possible recession in the next few years, you’re probably wondering how you’ll sustain a competitive edge.

You might also be wondering if there’s enough time and money to get where you need to go before the next economic/political hick-up knocks you sideways.

In the 30-plus years that I’ve been working with top-level leaders, I’ve come to realize something.

Almost every high-performing business leader is driven to succeed because they’re too afraid to fail.

However, when you understand the complexity of your own Leadership DNA and why you have a fear of failure (or even success) everything changes.

What If All That You Know Just Isn’t Enough?

You’re an expert in your field, and you know what it takes to make your business successful in a competitive market. You’re a master at implementing business systems. You’ve already learned countless ways to address complex issues.

After all, you are a rock solid leader, right?

But, what if much of what you believe and live by is clouded by a Leadership DNA that you know nothing about?

If you’re like the countless leaders that I’ve worked with, you know that even with all your talent and expertise, you can still hit the wall.

That wall can feel like frustration, overwhelm, lack of confidence, bleeding finances, disengaged employees, economic challenges beyond your control, screaming investors, or maybe even a spouse and children demanding your attention.

Scary stuff.

In fact, I was reminded of this harsh reality just last week when I asked a high-level leader what keeps him up at night.

His response?

Fear that I won’t be able to do a good enough job.

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard this remark, I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this post. I’d be on an island somewhere off the coast of Italy.

This fear and all the subconscious dynamics that underly this fear are EXACTLY why I designed the Leadership DNA retreat.

You MUST embody your Leadership DNA.

Yes, you were born with a unique Leadership DNA. Before you can fully embody something—anything—you must first come to understand it without judgment.

The way you think, act, and respond to leadership challenges, negative attitudes, economic stressors, fear of change—are determined by your Leadership DNA.

As one of my clients boldly stated, “Sharon, it’s like you’ve given me a third eye. Everything is so much clearer now. I’m less stressed and I’m making better decisions.”

Yes, crystallized so that you are now empowered to see the underlying dynamics of the multiple systems in which you do business and life.

The embodiment of your Leadership DNA will equate to a higher return on your investment, less stress, more clarity, better relationships, and a life of meaning and purpose.

When you fully understand your Leadership DNA—not what someone else says you should be—but truly embody your highest potential, then, and only then, are you fully positioned to take you, your business, and your family to the next level of success and fulfillment.

Bottom line.

You want to know what systems are getting in your way, and what systems are really designed to catapult you to success.

And, did I mention that we’re not talking about the traditional systems that support your business. No, your Leadership DNA goes far deeper than your cognitive ability to solve key day-to-day issues.

Embodying your Leadership DNA is about taking what you don’t know (most of which is at a subconscious level) and skillfully bringing it to a dimension that allows you to literally see what changes are in order.

If you want to learn a better way to lead so that you can recession proof your business—a way that doesn’t require you to sacrifice other areas in your life—check out

Wait too long to discover your Leadership DNA, and it might be too late.

Question of the Week:

What are you pretending NOT to know about your Leadership DNA?