Are You Building a Business or a Legacy?

Aug 8, 2019

I had the privilege this week of working with a new client to help them determine how to best manage their ever-increasing growth. It’s a great problem to have, right?

One of the things that came up for me during multiple interviews with the team was the impact the CEO’s character has had on the strategy to grow the business. Nothing new here. I see this often enough.

But. Here’s what struck me most of all.

This leader not only focused on building the business. He’s also been very intentional in how he’s groomed his two children, from a relatively early age, to take over the business someday should they so desire.

The result?

Both children, brother and sister (who each stated that they would not attempt to run the business without one another, and yes, my jaw dropped), are now positioned to do just that when the CEO is ready to transition on to his next season in life.

It’s an entrepreneur’s dream, correct?

Okay, so they are young, brilliant, get along famously, honor and recognize each other’s strengths, and are greatly admired by the rest of the team for their capacity to lead the company moving forward.

All of this goes to say, leadership built on character and intentionality bears fruit beyond our wildest imagination.

What I witnessed over this past week was a family business that will impact the lives of many people and their families for years and years to come.

Guess I’m wondering how different the world might be if we all built our business with this level of intentionality.

Something to think about.