What’s Happening In Your #Biggest Little Farm?

Sep 12, 2019

All things come together in one form or another to form a system. I’ve become increasingly passionate about systems and the underlying dynamics associated with them because having this capacity to “see” these dynamics has changed my life.

I’m not joking. 


Because . . . when I learned to see and experience these dynamics, I became increasingly aware of the patterns in those systems. When I developed awareness of those patterns, I was then better positioned to make different decisions and choices.

Those decisions and choices have now translated into a more robust experience of life—greater clarity and deeper “why” behind the work that I do. 

One of those decisions is that I want to bring more “systemic” awareness to people like you so that you, too, can take that next big step in life in whatever form it takes.

Why It Matters

Systemic understanding is vital to our own personal and professional growth because when we come to see ourselves as part of multiple ecosystems, we experience alignment with the creative forces of life. 

We then move beyond logical decision making to a creative space that allows us to impact these ecosystems. Such understanding changes how we think, adapt, and respond to our world. 

We can now have an impact that goes beyond our businesses, our family, and our community. We can impact society-at-large.

This idea of a seeing ourselves in the midst of multiple ecosystems such that we have a far greater impact may sound lofty. 

Sometimes I’m doubtful myself until something extraordinary comes my way.  This week’s extraordinary reminder came to me via a documentary entitled, The Biggest Little Farm.  

You can access this little gem at https://www.biggestlittlefarmmovie.com or on  Amazon Prime if you want to learn more about this intersection between ecosystems and human determination. 

This beautiful movie is truly one of these best examples of seeing the world through a systemic lens that I’ve ever seen. 

I challenge you to watch this film. Listen to how the owners of this farm learn to see all their challenges through what I will call a systemic lens. 

Then, I encourage you to wonder how you might begin to do the same. 

Question of the Week:

What are the multiple ecosystems in your biggest little farm? What impact can you have on them if you learn to truly “see”?