Second-Half Pioneers, with Steve Dailey

Sep 25, 2019


As with many whose lives have eclipsed a half-century or more, my journey of mistakes and victories, pursuits and passions, twists and turns have finally started to make sense; I find that the winding trail has been preparation for an extraordinary chapter for my life ahead.

From a career perspective, spanning 40 years, I’ve had the privilege of working with aspiring Olympic athletes, start-up entrepreneurs, seasoned business leaders and an amazing array of ambitious high climbing individuals. And each has engaged me as their trusted teacher/mentor/advisor/coach and friend.

More often than not they proudly report lifetime best achievements including setting personal records, launching latent ambitions, or making millions while (most importantly) attaining – or retaining – a new perspective on all areas of life. Along the way I have appreciatively gained deep insight on success and achievement through this work, and as well have been inspired to say “yes” insatiably to ambitious pursuits of my own.

Throughout it all I have learned one very important thing about myself: I have a gift to catalyze for others a new, productive mindset and lifetime best achievements. And I want to share that with you.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Steve Dailey’s specialization in “second-half pioneers”
  • How Dailey moved out of his historical perspective of life
  • Reinventing yourself at a later stage in life by focusing on the present
  • How to embrace the idea of being new
  • Using appreciation as a means to get to abundance
  • The practical aspects of Steve Dailey’s coaching
  • Dailey’s experience in Hawaii and its influence on his work
  • How a creative environment can impact your work


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