Sculpting Your Mindset with Dan MacQueen

Jul 26, 2023

Shifting your perspective, even a tiny bit, can make a huge difference. Today, we are joined by someone who has faced unthinkable setbacks yet made his life his own by reframing his obstacles and dedicating himself to a newfound purpose.

Dan MacQueen is a brain injury survivor and motivational speaker who has taken full responsibility for how he responds to what happened to him and encourages listeners to do the same. In this episode, Dan recounts the optometrist appointment that changed his life and shares the mindset shift and strategies he used (and continues to use) to rebuild his life.

Dan is a living inspiration to take control of what you can in an otherwise uncontrollable situation. Tune in to hear Dan’s story of resilience and of sculpting your mindset to work for you and help others.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Dan MacQueen recounts the events leading up to the emergency brain surgery leaving him in critical condition.
  • His ongoing journey of re-learning how to walk, talk, and smile.
  • Dan’s tech career prior to his surgery and how his company supported him through his medical journey.
  • The strategies he used (and continues to use) to address his new limitations and rebuild his life.
  • Which stimuli he finds most challenging post-brain injury.
  • The challenge and reward of public speaking for Dan.
  • Dan opens up about the difficulty of his second setback and the mindset shift he underwent to overcome it.
  • Dan gives a behind-the-scenes view into his life and breaks down his daily routine.
  • He describes his recovery process as a ‘W’.
  • His upcoming treatments and future goals.
  • How he sculpted his mindset and how others can too!
  • The impact of his brain injury on his social life.
  • Dan’s advice for those who aren’t fortunate enough to have the family support that he had.


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