The Pursuit of Time and Money

By Sharon Spano, Ph.D., CSP

What if everything you believe about time and money is sabotaging your success?


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Bulk Order Discounts Available

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In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Sharon Spano, unlocks the secret to a more profound way of utilizing your resources. Learn how to transform your relationship with time and money so that you can step into a more meaningful and prosperous life.

“Prosperity has little to do with how much time or money you actually have,” she states. “Prosperity is a mindset. It’s a place to come from—not a place to get to.”

Drawing upon cutting-edge research in the field of human development, Dr. Spano will unravel the underlying beliefs that cause us to self-sabotage our own potential for success.

This insightful exploration into the paradox of time and money offers realistic life application strategies and practices that promise to help you:

  • Understand the relationship between time and money
  • Develop awareness of the internal storylines that drive behaviors
  • Explore the hidden dimensions of time and money
  • Let go of fear and scarcity
  • Examine how stages of development affect your choices
  • Pursue time and money in healthier ways
  • Adopt a practice of abundance
  • Learn an integral approach to time, money, and stewardship
  • Embrace a Cycle of Freedom™ that produces greater joy and prosperity.