Philanthropy Through Vacationing, with Adam Capes

May 22, 2019


Adam Capes is President and Chief Idea Officer of Getaway2Give, the largest provider of private residences and vacation experiences to the nonprofit industry in the U.S. Getaway2Give has raised over $10 Million by providing nonprofits with unique private residences and vacation packages for their live auctions at their events.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Adam came up with the innovative idea of merging the travel industry with philanthropic giving
  • How Getaway2Give finds properties that nonprofits can utilize to raise funds for their charities, and how his model works through leasing homes
  • What sort of complexity Adam faces in his business model, and what solutions he has created to manage those issues
  • How Getaway2Give leverages today’s technology to operate remotely from all over the United States
  • How Getaway2Give uses concierge service and other offerings to create a meaningful vacation experience
  • Why Adam felt the need to find work that offered greater purpose–one that gave back to the community
  • How Getaway2Give works to maximize their donations rather than focusing on maximizing the sell price of a trip
  • Adam shares the inspiring story of an auction to raise money to send a wounded soldier and his family on a trip
  • What important early lessons about money, generosity, and giving Adam learned from his childhood
  • How Adam copes with stress, and how he re-aligns himself mentally through exercise and meditation

How to connect with Adam Capes: