Overcoming the Relationship Strains of Shelter-In-Place, with Ken Blackman

May 13, 2020


Ken Blackman is a connection and intimacy expert who has coached couples from San Francisco to Paris to Sydney and trained thousands of students in his workshops on intimacy and relationships. His work has garnered mentions everywhere from Cosmopolitan to Business Insider to Playboy to Tim Ferriss’s 4-Hour series. With nearly two decades of experience, Ken’s powerful, unapologetic break from conventional advice is shifting the global conversation around sex, love, and committed coupledom.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Why being confined in lockdown due to the global pandemic and shelter-in-place orders is testing many relationships
  • How Ken’s own powerful experiences with intimacy and connection work inspired him to leave his career as a Silicon Valley software engineer and pursue this field of study
  • Why Ken feels that attachment is a spectrum, and why most people are struggling whether they are sheltering with or away from their relationship partners
  • What breakthroughs Ken experienced during his own personal development, and why common stereotypes around men and women need to be dismantled
  • Why both parties in a couple are feeling stressed and depleted during these times and having trouble being there for each other, causing added strain
  • Why being aware of your communication and the language you use can make a big difference when speaking to your partner
  • Why strong communication and understanding will strengthen a relationship, and why learning about each other is an ongoing, lifelong process
  • Why intention comes through in your communication in subtle, unconscious ways that the other party will likely pick up, and why changing your internal intention can change how your words are taken
  • What steps you can take to clarify duties and responsibilities within your relationship and how to avoid conflict while supporting yourself and your partner
  • Why it is critical to take the time to get to know each other in a deeper way during this crisis and period of lockdown


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