Out of Order Family Systems

Jul 6, 2022

To continue our exploration of relationships and the family dynamics that are common to many of us whose business and personal lives overlap, today’s episode is a short discussion on the way in which our systems can get out of order. Order is such an essential part of a functioning system, and it should be quite recognizable if it is lost!

Thus today’s solo-cast is all about bringing our focus back to the systems, and away from critiques of others’ characters. One of the most important aspects here is to avoid fear-based decisions, and the retelling of dangerous narratives. Tuning in, listeners will hear Sharon share many of the common pitfalls that we face with our loved ones, and a few examples of these can play out.

In the coming weeks, you can expect more episodes unraveling these important strands of human systems, and the patterns that emerge through our daily practices and habits. So to catch it all today, and set off on this vital leg of the journey together, press play!

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The chaos and tension that results from systems being out of order.
  • Faulty assumptions that often arise, and how to get back to something more factual.
  • Noticing the patterns in a relationship; focusing on the system instead of the person.
  • Looking inward as a means to escape our reactive tendencies.
  • How blocking out some of the noise around us can positively affect our state of mind!
  • The impact of the narratives we tell ourselves.
  • An example from Sharon’s own marriage and an issue she decided to let go of.
  • Further human-systems related content to look forward to in future episodes!


Transcript: Here

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