Moving Into the New Year with Intention

Dec 28, 2022

The world can be a very overwhelming place and there are numerous factors that prevent us from reaching our highest potential. But the key to becoming the fullest version of yourself is to focus on strategies that will help you tighten the financial, social, physical, spiritual, mental, and family systems in your life. And there’s no better time than now, the start of the holiday season, to start prioritizing your well-being.

For many people, a certain aspect of life can become consuming and the months just tick on by without us realizing that we aren’t really doing what is best for ourselves and the people we care about. During this episode, we will explore the concept of intentional congruence, the importance of listening to our bodies, and how to create a life wheel that will help you move into the new year with energy, excitement, gusto, focus, and intention!

Thank you for being a part of The Other Side of Potential podcast in 2022, and we’ll see you back in 2023 for another year that is going to be full of our most inspirational conversations to date!

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Exciting plans for the podcast in 2023.
  • Some of the most memorable episodes from 2022.
  • The overall goal of this podcast.
  • A few of the biggest issues that people across the world are currently facing.
  • The problem with New Year’s resolutions, and what to do instead.
  • What the purpose of a life wheel is and how to create one.
  • Exploring the concept of intentional congruence.
  • The importance of listening to your body.
  • Why I choose a word-of-the-year.
  • Happy holidays!



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