Mastering the Game of Life with Ana Lennyr

May 25, 2022

We all have challenges to overcome to live out the life we truly want. For some of us, this means dealing with physical health concerns, and for others, our hurdles lie more in the emotional and mental realms. Ana Lennyr joins us on the show today to talk about her own path through depression and suicidal ideation and how this led to her work as a life strategist, helping her clients confront and overcome what is holding them down.

In our chat, Ana lays out some of her amazing frameworks, including the skills that can insulate us from pain, the types of wounds that we carry around unconsciously, and the processes that can get us started on a path toward healing. This is high-level content, and this episode serves as a great introduction to how Ana might be able to help you!

Ana’s whole philosophy revolves around the idea of mastering your life and how taking control through simple steps can improve your outlook and future. She has helped many people of different ages and backgrounds and her own story and struggles are what give her message such weight. So if you would like a fresh dose of hope and inspiration from Ana, please join us to hear it all!

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • A little about Ana’s background and her challenging path to her current work.
  • The health issues that Ana inherited from her mother.
  • Anna’s energetic process and how she overcame the hurdles of her genes.
  • The different mentors that helped Anna transform her life and outlook.
  • Ana’s explanation of the ‘five wounds’ and how we can heal from them.
  • Thoughts on the need for medication as a way of dealing with depression.
  • The first step that Ana prescribes for taking action and changing your life!
  • Ana’s decision to get back to live events and her plans for hosting her own conference.
  • How and where to get in touch with Ana and her amazing services!


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