Intergenerational Financial Planning with Kay Pfleghardt

Apr 13, 2022

We all know the importance of financial planning, however many people are overwhelmed by it. In addition, the rapidly evolving world and associated financial aspects add further to the stresses of being able to secure financial freedom during retirement.

This is the focus of today’s guest, Kay Pfleghardt, who aims to educate rising leaders and retirees on how to think differently about their wealth, particularly intergenerational wealth.

Kay learned the importance of money at an early age when there was a mix-up regarding her grandfather’s estate. She also learned how important it is to communicate financial plans within families to ensure that financial plans are effective. Kay is a rising professional in financial planning and has made her mark on the industry through her perception of intergenerational wealth

Kay has a bachelor’s degree in financial planning and an associate’s degree in accounting, as well as experience in psychology. Her stand-out quality is her ability to combine her love for numbers with her understanding of people and what motivates them, making her a popular figure within the financial planning industry. In today’s conversation, we find out about Kay’s professional background, how her combination of skills benefits her and her clients, challenges the development of intergenerational wealth, the importance of starting financial planning early, and much more. Tune in to hear more from a rising leader and expert in her field, Kay Pfleghardt!

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Introduction to Kay’s professional background.
  • Kay’s motivation behind getting involved in the financial industry.
  • How the combination of people skills and financial skills benefited Kay.
  • Kay explains her passion for intergenerational communication around wealth.
  • Importance of communication regarding intergenerational wealth.
  • Challenges that clients experience when discussing and planning intergenerational wealth.
  • Potential conflicts between spouses during intergenerational financial planning.
  • The benefits of her psychology training in her current role as a financial planner.
  • What goals Kay has for the future of intergenerational wealth building.
  • We discuss the mindset around intergenerational wealth.
  • Why it is so important to include all family members in the conversation about wealth.
  • Future plans for communicating her work to a wider audience.
  • Difference in perception about financial planning between millennials and older generations.
  • We discuss issues regarding conflict resolution during the financial planning process.
  • The long-term benefits of starting the financial planning process when you are young.
  • What Kay thinks about crypto currency with regards to financial planning.
  • Effects of the Russian-Ukraine conflict on how people financially plan.
  • Kay gives us some insider financial planning advice for people starting the process.