Hidden Trauma of the Entrepreneur

Sep 6, 2023

Just like anyone else, entrepreneurs aren’t immune to the grip of hidden trauma. It can sneak up on them from different directions, whether it’s their personal history, the hurdles of running a business, or the intense pressure cooker that entrepreneurship can sometimes be. This quiet trauma isn’t actually hidden and it can send shockwaves through every aspect of their lives, both personally and professionally.

In this captivating episode with Mark Monchek, we delve deep into the intricate web of hidden trauma and its profound influence on both the personal and professional spheres of life. We explore the nuance definition of trauma, processing a traumatic experience, ways trauma can linger long after the event, and how it can impact our perception of the world.

We discuss the complex interplay between trauma and success, how hidden trauma can manifest, the connection between the mind and body in the context of trauma, polyvagal theory, and why you should always pay attention to your body. Tune in and uncover the hidden forces that might be shaping your life in ways you never imagined and the strategies to overcome them.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • An overview of the different types of trauma and some shocking statistics.
  • Mark explains the definition of trauma and how hidden trauma has impacted him.
  • Impacts hidden trauma has on development, the brain, and the body.
  • Hear about the moment Mark realized he had hidden trauma.
  • Sharon and Mark share how they incorrectly dealt with trauma.
  • Breaking down the barriers that keep pain and trauma hidden.
  • Somatic awareness and how it can help reveal hidden trauma.
  • Insights into polyvagal theory and the concept of a therapeutic alliance.
  • Common symptoms and disorders associated with hidden trauma.
  • A deeper underlying cause of trauma for entrepreneurs.
  • Practices and actionable steps to begin healing.
  • Why it is important to remember that trauma is universal.
  • The power of constructing new thoughts.


Transcript: Here

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