Helping Individuals that Owe the IRS Find Peace, Protection, and Posterity with Ben Golden

Jul 7, 2021

Dealing with the IRS can be terrifying for someone who has never had to do so before. Having fought his own battle with the IRS, today’s guest knows all about it! Ben Golden is CEO and Founder of IRS Trouble Solvers, LLC, an organization helping individuals and businesses with wage garnishments, tax liens, delinquent tax returns, advisory bankruptcy services, and more.

Tax resolution is not just a profession to Ben. After fighting to right issues which arose from identity theft and false tax filings against him, Ben was brought into repeated interactions with law enforcement and various IRS agents and, ultimately, the engagement of a Taxpayer Advocate. The experience only reaffirmed what Ben already knew: individuals and professionals untrained in tax resolution are at a tremendous disadvantage when dealing with the IRS. As an Enrolled Agent, Ben knew how the IRS worked, and yet it was still extremely frustrating to know what needed to be done and not be able to get their help. He could only imagine how someone who doesn’t know or understand the IRS must feel.
Ben’s clients can count on him to fight for the best resolution possible with compassion, integrity and the utmost professionalism garnered over his years of experience. He is passionate about helping people that find themselves in the scary situation of owing the IRS money find peace, protection, and posterity, so make sure to tune in today for a thought-provoking discussion with IRS expert, Ben Golden!

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Ben’s experience with the IRS impacted his decision to help others in similar situations.
  • Understanding that the IRS is a smaller and more antiquated organization than you think.
  • Why you should never respond to emails or telephone calls from the IRS, only certified mail.
  • The most common reasons that Ben sees people getting in trouble with the IRS.
  • Two questions to ask yourself in tax resolution: “Do I owe it?” or “Can I pay it?”
  • How certified mail allows you to prove to the IRS that you responded in a timely manner.
  • The importance of speaking to a licensed professional if you get what Ben calls “nasty-grams” from the IRS.
  • Ben’s advice for seeking a professional to help you file your taxes versus filing them yourself.
  • Ben shares which IRS issues are more common than others.
  • Find out how those who earn a lot of money often use tax rules to their advantage.
  • Why Ben doesn’t believe that it’s worth it to “live under the radar.”
  • The imbalance in cash earned versus what is declared that Ben sees from small businesses.
  • Rectifying an antiquated system when people on both ends of the spectrum seek to take advantage of it; some of the cultural issues present in the US.
  • Ben’s philosophy on taxes: while it’s his duty as an American to pay his fair share, it doesn’t make him more patriotic to pay more than his fair share.
  • Ben shares his perspective on givers versus takers and what he considers true wealth.
  • What to look for when seeking a professional: check their references and reviews.
  • Hear why Ben believes in a flat fee basis, rather than charging by the hour.
  • Ben defines an enrolled agent: someone licensed by the IRS to represent in front of the IRS.
  • Learn the differences between a CPA and an attorney.
  • Hear about Ben’s two upcoming books, one for those with IRS problems and one for those going through a divorce.

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