Healing to Serve with Kevin Rose

Dec 21, 2022

We often find ourselves on the other side of potential in unexpected ways. Our guest today could never have predicted his path, but trusts in God’s plan and provision to allow him to heal others through his own healing journey. Manual therapist, Kevin Rose was already committed to guiding others to health, grounding, and wellbeing before being diagnosed with stage four adenocarcinoma, and maintains that his healing process will equip him further in the aid of others. In this episode, Kevin generously shares his illness and treatment journey, as well as his general medical philosophy.

We learn about the remarkable results of hyperthermia treatment for bypassing the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Kevin also opens up about the mind-body portion of his treatment and his revelation about the true cause of cancer. Kevin has no doubt in his mind that God will provide and is a living testament to the power of trusting the path and the process. Tune in to hear Kevin’s inspiring outlook and find out how you can support him on his journey back to health!

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Kevin defines Manual Therapy.
  • Stress as a biological cue; the appropriate stress response.
  • Kevin generously shares his illness journey and what he has learned from it.
  • The remarkable results of hyperthermia treatment.
  • Why Kevin encourages people to advocate for themselves.
  • Flaws in the US medical system.
  • Kevin’s general medical philosophy.
  • The power of trusting the path and the process.
  • How to support Kevin’s healing via his GiveSendGo Campaign.
  • The mind-body aspect of Kevin’s treatment and healing process.
  • The significance of community support through the healing process.
  • How Kevin aims to help others through his own healing journey.
  • An overview of Kevin’s TEDx Talk in Wilmington and the incredible grounding work he’s done with combat veterans.


Transcript: Here


Additional Resources:

Kevin Rose on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevin-rose-3312a85/

GiveSendGo Campaign: https://www.givesendgo.com/GodismySherpa

Intentional Wellness: https://intentionalwellnesstherapy.com/

TEDxWilmington – Can Tigers Tame Your Stress?: https://youtu.be/H_yus5jAZQM

The CATalyst Experience: https://www.amazon.com/Catalyst-Experience-Rescued-Tigers-Trauma-Scarred/dp/1733970606

‘How We Train AI to Operate From Love’: https://upsidedownproject.com/


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