From Competitive Golfer to Golf Club Advisor, with Henry DeLozier

Oct 24, 2018


Henry B. DeLozier is a Partner in Global Golf Advisors, the international specialist providing consulting services to the investment banking, real estate development, and golf asset ownership and operations business segments. He joined Global Golf Advisors in 2008 after nine years as the Vice President – Golf of Pulte Homes (NYSE: PHM).

Given his background with residential real estate development and lifestyle strategy, he serves GGA clients throughout the world to identify and refine strategic options and to accelerate tactical solutions and financial returns. During his tenure at Pulte Homes, the company became the largest developer of golf communities and of golf courses in the USA, having invested more than $500 million in the development of golf assets and building 27 new golf courses within ten states. In addition, Henry was responsible for the financial performance of more than 20 Pulte golf courses, the replacement value of which exceeded $300 million with annual revenues greater than $90 million.

Currently he serves as Chairman for the Board of Directors for Audubon International. He is a Past President of the Board of Directors for the National Golf Course Owners Association (NGCOA) in America. He is known across the globe for his thought leadership in golf-related businesses, and he has been called one of the “Most Influential People in Golf” since 1999 by the Crittenden publications.

Henry is acknowledged within the golf and club categories for his uncommon understanding of golf and residential properties. He is known as a no-nonsense profit producer, as an innovative marketer, and as an advocate of exceptional customer service. His career history reflects new concept introductions and numerous successful business turnarounds.

A ‘go to’ resource on matters of golf-related resort and residential investment and development, Henry is often called upon for comment on social and economic trends particular to golf business segments. He serves as an expert source for Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Bloomberg News, Business Week, CNBC-Squawk Box, the Financial Times of London, GOLF magazine, Golf Digest, Golf Business, the New York Times, PGA Tour Network, the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post.

Henry is a graduate of Oklahoma State University (B.A. – English) where he was an All- American golfer.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Henry went from being a competitive golfer to finding a rewarding career in the business world
  • Why the measure of success of the golf courses Henry works with isn’t always how profitable they are
  • How the golf facilities industry is experiencing major changes and creating new challenges that clubs are sometimes struggling to address
  • Advice for business leaders who may be struggling to adapt to change
  • How growing up with limited resources taught Henry valuable financial lessons that shaped his business views
  • Why Henry came to the difficult realization that his competitive golfing career was not the best long-term investment in his future
  • Why Henry believes that giving your all isn’t always enough and accepting failure is not a weakness
  • How a house fire as a child was a formative event that has helped shape Henry’s character and values as an adult
  • Henry’s advice to millennials who are seeking to understand and define their beliefs and values
  • The biggest challenge Henry and his team face in today’s complex business environment and how they work to overcome it

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