Fixing a Broken Civilization with Andrew Schmookler

Dec 7, 2022

When we transitioned away from the hunter-gatherer lifestyles of our ancestors, we began a process of extricating ourselves from the niche in which we evolved biologically. Today we welcome back return guest Dr. Andrew Shmookler, to explain why it is only a matter of time before our civilization destroys itself unless we drastically change our current mode of operating.

In this conversation, we cover some of his big ideas around some of the most noteworthy crises that are having catastrophic consequences across the world, and take an honest look at the evolution of civilization that got us here. From climate change to Donald Trump to social media, no stone is left unturned here today.

Our systems are broken, and from a political, economic, and environmental standpoint, we need to do things differently in order to make them whole again. And we need to do those things with urgency.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Introducing today’s guest, Harvard University graduate, prize-winning author, and former Democratic candidate Dr. Andrew Shmookler.
  • Andrew’s definition of a civilization, and the problem that arises within civilizations over time.
  • Crises being experienced in the world today.
  • Why the climate crisis has been able to reach such a catastrophic point.
  • How our economic and political systems need to change.
  • A brief exploration of the evolution of our species.
  • The failure of the American left to respond adequately to the opposition.
  • Factors that Andrew believes have contributed to the trend of increasing fascism across the globe.
  • Examples that highlight the brokenness of our systems.
  • The disconnect between political leaders and the values that their supporters claim to hold dear.
  • The dangerous power of the media.
  • Evil that has made its way into our world.


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