Finding Strength as a Woman in a Male-Dominated Industry, with Ebru Koksal

May 1, 2019


Ebru Koksal is an investment banker turned top-level international football executive. A woman of many firsts, Ebru’s passion is to inspire and motivate people by sharing her stories.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Ebru’s career journey led her to a position in executive leadership in international football (soccer)
  • How Ebru handled a major social media defamation campaign launched against her, and why it reshaped her business outlook
  • How a devastating family loss resulted in Ebru’s brother and nephew moving in with Ebru and her husband
  • What legacy Ebru hopes to leave by being a prominent woman in a male-dominated industry like football
  • How Ebru came to the United States for her education, and why that experience has been advantageous to her career
  • Why a scoliosis diagnosis when she was young led to Ebru developing a drive to succeed in her career
  • Why Ebru spends between 30-40% of her time doing pro bono work, and why she believes in continual learning
  • What Ebru believes the purpose of her life to be, and why she works so hard to further gender equity and support other women
  • How Ebru and her organization work toward promoting diversity and inclusion within the soccer industry, and why they would like to bring their work online
  • How Ebru has balanced her career success with her marriage, and why she doesn’t believe she is competing with her husband
  • What advice Ebru would offer other women in the professional world about maintaining optimism and balance

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