Dealing with Trauma: The Power of Somatic Work

May 24, 2023

Trauma is energy, and unless we do the work to extinguish that energy, our traumatic experiences will continue to impact our minds, our bodies, and every aspect of our lives. Today’s guest is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse who has committed countless hours to her healing journey and as a result, has been able to reclaim herself and her life.

Between the ages of five and 13, Rebecca Chandler was sexually assaulted by her grandfather. This trauma manifested within her in the form of deep shame, PTSD, compulsions, and dissociative personality disorder (DID). In this episode, Rebecca shares how somatic therapy has helped her to overcome the majority of these expressions of trauma.

Rebecca also explains the difference between somatic therapy and talk therapy, how parents can prevent their children from becoming victims of abuse, the intention behind the writing of her book, It Won’t Hurt None, and more. Her story will leave you with the sense that nothing is impossible and whatever trauma you have experienced in the past, there is so much hope for a better future.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The sexual abuse that Rebecca suffered during her childhood.
  • How Rebecca’s somatic journey began.
  • The most complicated part of Rebecca’s healing journey.
  • Characteristics of the four different personalities that Rebecca held within her when she had dissociative identity disorder (DID).
  • How Rebecca’s trauma has impacted every area of her life.
  • Rebecca explains the difference between talk therapy and somatic therapy.
  • The moment that Rebecca put an end to the abuse she was receiving.
  • How Sharon realized she was carrying a lot of trauma in her body, and the work she did to overcome it.
  • How trauma manifested within Rebecca and how somatic therapy helped her to heal from it.
  • Rebecca’s advice for finding a somatic healer who is right for you.
  • The layers that often need to be unpacked when dealing with trauma.
  • Value that Recebcca’s book can bring to the life of anyone who has been through trauma.
  • Rebecca’s thoughts on how parents can better protect their children from abuse.

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