Creating a New Culture for Humankind with Sophie McLean

Feb 22, 2023

We all tell ourselves stories to get us through life’s toughest moments, to ensure that we don’t let other people down, and to hold up our egos. But as Sophie McLean explains in today’s episode, no matter how ingrained those stories have become, we have the power to deconstruct our ego and tap into the “full range of being” that is available to us.

Sophie has been shot at, shipwrecked, and widowed. She has been a helicopter pilot, a designer, a relief worker, a war refugee, and a CEO. Now, as a Wisdom Teacher, she has dedicated her life to the creation of a new culture for humankind; one that is based on listening to the soul.

During our conversation, Sophie candidly shares some of the experiences that have shaped her, unpacks the difference between pain and suffering, and explains why, if you are feeling dissatisfied with your life, you are in the perfect position for a transformational breakthrough.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The epiphany that Sophie had at the age of 12.
  • What Sophie learned from her experience as a war refugee.
  • The curiosity that has defined Sophie’s life.
  • The traumatic event that Sophie went through at age 28, and what she learned about grief in the aftermath.
  • Exploring the difference between pain and suffering.
  • Understanding the concept of non-duality.
  • Sophie’s definition of being a spiritual being.
  • Reasons for the crisis that the world is currently in the midst of.
  • What it looks like to embark on a process of ego deconstruction.
  • How a person’s character is formed.
  • Why so many people experience midlife dissatisfaction, and why this is such an important stage of life.


Transcript: Here

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