Conscious Community: Living Life by Design with Ken Kladouris

Mar 2, 2022

Today’s guest is an esteemed wealth advisor, course creator, and published author who believes you should be living your life by design. Charting his own course in the wealth management industry, Ken Kladouris focuses on curating securitized real estate for investors seeking to defer taxes through a 1031 exchange. His course, Stillness To Success, and his book, Get There!, were developed as tools to help individuals discover the clarity they need to design their own futures.

By becoming aligned with his ‘why’, Ken recognized that his true purpose was to assist people across the globe in their pursuit of enhanced joy, freedom, and fulfillment and, in this interview, he shares some actionable steps that are proven to help position you on your desired path. We discuss how he found the courage to niche down in his business, the epiphany that set Ken on his path to create more stillness in his life, and some of the outcomes that you can expect from his Stillness to Success course, as well as the value of slowing down and looking within to reach the next level in your business.

Committed to guiding individuals to greater success in life, Ken’s philosophy combines lessons on spirituality, wealth management, and personal development, so make sure not to miss today’s episode of The Other Side of Potential to learn more!

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The story of how Ken found himself at the intersection of wealth management and spirituality.
  • Having the courage to niche down, create your ideal business, and improve your personal life.
  • What living life by design looks like for Ken and the epiphany that drove him to pursue it.
  • How the Stillness to Success course distills all of Ken’s learnings into one resource.
  • Some of the outcomes that you can expect from Stillness to Success.
  • The importance of slowing down and looking within to reach the next level in your business.
  • Learn more about the structure of Ken’s course and what sets it apart.
  • Why he doesn’t define success in the course; it’s different for everybody!
  • Hear about some of the benefits that Ken has seen from doing silent retreats.
  • Ken shares his daily stillness practice, which includes morning meditation and journaling.
  • How he has become less reactive and found inner peace by practicing ‘stillness all the time’.
  • Becoming more attuned to what’s actually occurring versus what you think is occurring.
  • Ken’s response to those who say: “I tried meditation, but I just fell asleep.”
  • His thoughts on the significance of place and space when it comes to meditation.