Clarity of Purpose and Why It Matters

Apr 4, 2014

I think of Clarity of Purpose as somewhat like a beautiful kaleidoscope.

With that metaphor in mind, imagine yourself designed to reflect many colorful facets of Self. As we maneuver through the world, the mirrors of our own self-reflection morph and change; a variety of patterns emerge as we respond to life circumstances. In some moments we are bright and colorful. In others, we may appear dismal and grey.

Take the image a step further to the very core of the kaleidoscope and imagine that beautiful center as the core of your being. As a kaleidoscope twists and turns to finally settle on that magnificent pattern, we too, must find our way to the core. Therein lies the greatest brilliance, the richness of who you really are. The very center of the kaleidoscope is unique unto itself. It is the sacred space where you meet the Designer of all things; it’s where you are whole, complete. It is where your purpose resides.

Another twist of the kaleidoscope and the core once again melds outward into the other aspects of Self. While the strength of color is captured most profoundly within the core of the kaleidoscope, it is also adaptable to the needs beyond the center.

Clarity of Purpose doesn’t always mean that you are static at that most brilliant level. What it does mean is that you know who you are and why—even when—no, especially when, the brilliance of the center merges outward into the dismal and grey aspects of Self. If we accept the transitional twists and turns, this ebb and flow of life, we are eventually restored to the original state of vibrancy—only, in our case, brighter still.

Clarity of Purpose, then, is bigger than a job description or a title. It promises passion. It results in meaningful action and service to the greater good; it transcends your own inner sense of vibrancy to those around you such that you now become a source of color, beauty, and goodness.

Why Does Clarity of Purpose Matter?

When you think about why all this matters, it’s not hard to leap to one obvious reason:

The vibrancy of goodness produces more goodness.

The colors of the kaleidoscope have no need to rob one another of the separate beauty that each offers. Each section stands separate and apart from the other, but it is only in their united, collaborative effort with one another that they are able to produce beauty.

One thing worth noting is that once you define your purpose, it most likely won’t change over the course of your life. How you live out that purpose may look different depending on the season of your life—but, the purpose itself, the very essence of who you are, most likely won’t change. It’s good news in that this level of clarity represents focus and stability.

Realize that Clarity of Purpose matters to the people you love and care about. When you know who you are and why, you are more intentional in everything you do. The result is a more meaningful, prosperous, and productive life.

Think about the value and significance of that outcome, and stay tuned for next week’s post on how to achieve Clarity of Purpose.

Q: When you think about defining your purpose, what’s the one thing that gets in your way?

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