Celebrating 300 Episodes

Jul 3, 2024

There have officially been 300 episodes of The Other Side of Potential. Over the course of these 300 episodes, we have transitioned in response to the changing needs of our listeners. But the primary focus remains unchanged; we’re still bringing you the very best resources to address the complexities of life. As high-impact leaders, you deserve every opportunity to spend a few minutes on yourself, tuning into what you need to do differently as you balance life, work, and family. Tuning into this episode, you’ll learn how we plan to provide this for the next chapter of the podcast. You’ll also hear how we are planning to respond to the rise of people who are not true experts but position themselves as such, with the ultimate goal of continuing to give you the best information and the highest expertise. 

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Celebrating 300 episodes of The Other Side of Potential.
  • What to expect from the next chapter of the podcast. 
  • Episodes leading up to this point focusing on the inner war of stress, anxiety, narcissism, and more.
  • The Zoom fatigue we are all experiencing.
  • How WordPress and AI have facilitated the rise of ‘expert’ content.
  • The necessary work of identifying who is a true expert and who is not. 
  • What the ultimate goal is: to provide you with the best information and the highest expertise. 
  • Where to apply to be a guest on the podcast.
  • A word of encouragement to live out your biggest life every single day. 

Transcript: Here

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