Bringing Positive Energy into Your Home and Office with Kate MacKinnon

Apr 21, 2021

Kate MacKinnon is the President and Owner of Creative Feng Shui, a consulting company for businesses and individuals who understand the value of bringing feng shui into their offices and home spaces. Kate has been a certified feng shui practitioner for over 20 years and her expertise goes beyond homes and offices to include building and land, both locally and globally. She is also a former Vice President for JPMorgan Chase & Company and, before making the transition to follow her dream of building a feng shui practice, Kate had her own management technology consulting business.

She has taught for the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the Hospital for Special Surgery, and the Global Real Estate Women’s Group at JPMorgan, has been a guest on Hay House Radio, and the list goes on to include her most recent TED Talk on ‘Women, Aging, and Visibility’. If all of this is sounding somewhat familiar, it’s because Kate was previously a guest on the show in January 2020. You are invited to go back and listen to Episode 80 because, as we all know, a lot has happened in 2020!

In this episode, you’ll learn more about the ancient Chinese art and science of placement, harmony, and flow and how to implement it in your surroundings, whether personal or professional, working from home during COVID or homeschooling your children. Kate has plenty of practical advice to share about feng shui, so make sure to tune in today!


What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Learn about feng shui and how you can use it to create positive energy in your environment.
  • Kate explains the science behind feng shui; it’s not as woo woo as you might think!
  • Why, as your priorities shift and you spend more time at home during COVID, you might feel the need to minimize and declutter.
  • Find out how energy enters your space via the entrance, the kitchen, and your bedroom.
  • Some feng shui work Kate did with a broker that may just have helped him get a big deal.
  • The flow of energy in and out of your home, which, in China, is equated to the flow of money.
  • Kate’s practical advice for working from home while maintaining energy flow, like developing more modular, flexible home office set ups.
  • How to tell if there is an energy block by determining whether or not a space feels good.
  • Sharon speaks candidly about her late son, Michael’s childhood room and the energy block she has experienced there.
  • The value of bringing what Kate calls live energy into your home, such as plants.
  • How, by creating an environment of peace in your home, you can cultivate inner peace.
  • Kate weighs in on having music playing in your home and, yes, it’s a wonderful way to feed your senses!

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