An In-Depth Look at Disability Services, with Thomas Buckley

Sep 12, 2018


Dr. Tom Buckley is the founder and CEO of the Buckley Medical Home based in Plantation, Florida. Dr. Buckley has 30 years of experience creating and providing integrated services to persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Amongst his many accolades, he has been appointed by Florida Governor Rick Scott as the Alzheimer’s Advisory Committee chair. He is also on the International Board of Directors for the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, more commonly known as CARF. CARF is responsible for overseeing healthcare and residential facilities that many of us find ourselves having to access for family members.

Tom interfaces with a variety of complex environments, including politics, healthcare, family systems, and numerous local, state, national, and even international entities, all of which require something different from him as a leader. Tom’s passion for the safety and wellbeing of persons with disabilities is a major driver behind all that he does.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Tom’s work focuses on offering integrated services for those with developmental disabilities, which involves many different aspects of business, including regulation, thought leadership, training, and nonprofit work.
  • The heartbreaking stories involved in this type of nonprofit work and why finding business solutions to such problems require personal commitment and strong leadership.
  • How serving persons with disabilities is a unique opportunity to satisfy both personal and professional goals.
  • The global medical practices and regulations the United States must consider within the medical industry in order to more effective serve persons with intellectual disabilities.
  • The dangers of relying on singular “political” solutions to solve our complicated medical healthcare issues.
  • The value and importance of leaders understanding the complexity of our healthcare systems and how this level of complexity impacts the bottom-line in their own organizations.
  • How leaders can be particularly effective when they gather teams of like-minded people who have the experience to generate new solutions to complex issues.

Ways to contact Tom: