A World of Authors and AI with Bo Bennett, PhD

Nov 15, 2023

Among the many fears surrounding the rampant innovation of AI remains a fact that cannot be denied – AI is here to make our lives easier. From conducting research to writing books and essays, AI can complete month-long tasks in mere minutes!

We are joined today by Social Psychologist and prolific Author, Bo Bennett, PhD, who has founded a plethora of AI-powered websites that can all be found under one banner: Archieboy. Bo is a big believer in teaching people how to think, and this philosophy is evident in his seemingly endless string of website innovations.

In our conversation, we learn about the inner workings of Bo’s websites Authorvoices.ai and BookBub – AI-powered platforms for authors – as well as his course-creation website, Virversity, and many others. You’ll also come to understand how Bo generates his ideas, why he isn’t worried about government regulation in AI, what AI could mean for the Dark Web, and Bo’s thoughts on how society is adopting AI and his vision for the future of this soon-to-be-staple technology.


What you’ll learn about in this episode: 

  • Introducing the prolific author, Bo Bennett, PhD, and his impressive professional background.
  • How Bo came up with the name “Archieboy”, and what the website is all about.
  • What he hopes to achieve with projects like BookBub and Authorvoices.ai.
  • His suggestions for how authors can maximize their use of AI in writing and publishing a book.
  • How Bo’s website is currently being used by authors, and how to use it to its fullest potential.
  • Why having a (physical) book gives you more credibility than a YouTube channel or podcast.
  • The finance options that are available for authors on Authorvoices.ai.
  • Exploring Bo’s course-creation website, Virversity.
  • Why he doesn’t rely on AI for developing cover artworks.
  • How he put Archieboy together in a short time, and a peek into his idea generation process.
  • Why he isn’t concerned about the government’s regulation of AI.
  • The reasons why some AI-powered systems work better than others.
  • As a social psychologist, Bo discusses the use of AI on the Dark Web and in other dark ways.
  • Our guest’s final words of wisdom and hope.


Transcript: Here

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