A New Direction for The Other Side of Potential

Aug 10, 2022

The Other Side of Potential is almost three years old now and we have learned so much along the way. Today, our host, Dr. Sharon Spano shares with us an exciting new direction for the podcast.

Tuning in you’ll hear about how she intends to drill down and focus more on the human dynamics that we are all experiencing each day as we move through the many changes that are happening in our turbulent society. In this episode, you’ll hear what Sharon means by “The Other Side of Potential” before she talks about the pain and suffering she has witnessed recently that inspired this shift.

From mindset to skills, societal issues, life transitions, collective trauma, and human systems, you’ll hear about some of the important subjects that will be covered going forward as Dr. Sharon Spano continues to help us reach the other side of potential! So, continue to tune in for cutting-edge interviews and research to help you live your biggest life!

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Today’s topic: A new direction for The Other Side of Potential.
  • The new focus: the human dynamics that we’re experiencing as we move through the many changes in our society.
  • The pain and suffering that Sharon has witnessed that inspired this shift.
  • What she means by “The Other Side of Potential”.
  • How you can contact Sharon with topic suggestions.
  • Some of the subjects that will be covered going forward (such as mindset).
  • How Sharon will address skills such as assertive communication.
  • Some of the societal issues that are prevalent today (such as divorce) and how Sharon will address this.
  • Life transitions and the stages of human development as a future podcast topic.
  • How the podcast will expand on our conversations around collective trauma.
  • How Sharon will address human systems in relation to behaviors and patterns.
  • How you can schedule a complimentary consultation with Sharon.


Transcript: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TLrTo_ctMKo23IRVhL48uYpKnyeseHGv/view?usp=sharing

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